Discover the Best Seafood Restaurant in Kochi

If you are a seafood lover and seeking for the best seafood restaurant in Kochi, look no further. This coastal heaven is home to some of the finest seafood restaurants in the city. Kochi’s seafood is nothing short of spectacular.

Indulge in Kochi’s Finest Seafood

From the bustling local fish markets to the kitchens of renowned restaurants, seafood in Kochi is prepared and served with expertise and passion. Undoubtedly, Tellichery Kitchen is a gem among the finest seafood restaurants in the city.

Experience Excellence at Tellicherry Kitchen

Recognized as the best seafood restaurant in Kochi, Tellicherry Kitchen has made a name for itself in the fish industry for serving the best seafood dishes in town. By prioritizing quality, authenticity, and innovation, Tellicherry Kitchen has an outstanding reputation, making it the best seafood restaurant in Kochi.

The chefs at Tellicherry Kitchen combine classic recipes with contemporary touches, making them true culinary artisans. The menu at Tellicherry Kitchen offers a fascinating voyage for your taste buds, from prawns to grilled fish, showcasing the richness of Kerala's seafood. Tellicherry Kitchen is sure to give an extraordinary dining experience to customers by serving the best seafood in Kochi.

Kochi’s Seafood Delicacies at Tellicherry Kitchen

The region of Kochi is surrounded by several water bodies, and a large amount of the population consumes seafood regularly. Because of the huge availability of fresh fish, there are varieties of delicacies that vary with each region and community, either the best fish biriyani or the best fish curry meals in Kochi. Your hunt for the best seafood restaurant near you will only end at Tellicherry Kitchen. If you are an ardent fan of seafood cuisine, you must try out the delicious dishes served here.

Captivating Ambiance and Delectable Dishes

The restaurant’s soothing ambiance is also an ideal setting to relish the seafood menu. The experience for our customers is our top priority, and we strive for the highest quality in all things such as food, service, and ambiance. Enjoy the seafood extravaganza from the best seafood restaurant in Kochi, as Tellicherry Kitchen not only serves the best seafood in Kochi but also captures the essence of Kochi's coastal beauty with its captivating ambiance. In the culinary scenario of Kochi, Tellicherry Kitchen emerged as the undisputed holder of the title ‘Best Seafood Restaurant in Kochi’. It's a perfect place for enjoying with your loved ones while having the best seafood dishes in Kochi.

Our Best Seafood Specialities

This place serve good tasty food with nice quantity. Parking area available. It's mainly good for who looking for seafood there prawn fried rice is good.

Nabeel Mohammed

Fish barbeques was awesome. Price is a little high but good. Spaghetti was not up to the mark. We had mixed noodles, as always it was tasty. Also, watermelon mojito is a must try item in the menu.

Amit Joshy

They have the best customer service , after every dish they asked us how the food was. Good and neat place with good food. Must try chicken cheriyaullin and Raw mango fish curry

Abel Joseph Ambat

Food was amazing! Porotta was so fluffy and the crab ghee roast was everything I imagined! The only thing I had a problem was with the service It was just me and my dad for dinner and they took forever to take our order and to give us the bill.

Anishya Idicula

Awesome food, varieties that I haven't seen anywhere else in Cochin, huge varieties in seafood and it's the best. A must try place.

Nisamudheen Ali akbar m.a