10 Foods in Kochi to Tickle Your Taste Buds

Kochi is the ultimate food destination one needs to visit in Kerala. Being the major urban city and a prime tourist destination, people from all over the world visit Kochi not only for its unique heritage experience but also to experience some authentic delicacies Kochi has to offer. From local food to international cuisines, Kochi will never disappoint the ones who came here to taste its delicacies.


  1. Kerala Oonu is an authentic rice with many mouth-watering side dishes served together in a Banana leaf. Oonu or meals is a daily go favorite of Malayalees as a fulfilling lunch. You can have a variety of side dishes of your choice with oonu. Visit Tellicherry Kitchen to taste an authentic Kerala Oonu in its supremacy.
  2. One of the Keralites’ favorite recipes is Payasam, which is popularly known as kheer in India. Payasam is a sweet dessert that can be seen in many varieties. Even if you can find kheer in major parts of India, one could find an authentic payasam only in Kerala. From Palada, and Adapradhaman, to Parippu, Semiya, and Gothambu, one can find many varieties here to taste. So, If you are not a Keralite, If you want authentic Kerala goodness when you next time visits Kochi, definitely go and have some payasam from one of Kochi’s favorite, Tellicherry Kitchen.
  3. Kochi and its food legacy will not be completed without some spicy heavenly Biriyani. If Kochi is a food paradise, you should thank Biriyani for that. From chicken Biriyani, beef Biriyani and mutton Biriyani to kizhi Biriyani, and chatti Biriyani, the Biriyani legacy has no plans to subside in the near future. Kochi’s special Biriyani is fish Biriyani, and you don’t want to miss it. For a mesmerizing Biriyani experience in Kochi, visit Tellicherry kitchen.
  4. Puttu and Kadala are the most unique and authentic local food one could find in Kerala. Putt and kadala serving as breakfast in a local tea shop are one of the most celebrated and nostalgic scenes you can find in Malayalam Cinema. Puttu is a rice cake made in bamboo sticks or coconut shells at earlier times. If you wish to taste authentic Kerala food, try our Puttu and Kadala curry combination.
  5. Dosa is the first thing you will find in the morning when you are in Kerala. What is a morning without crispy ghee-brushed Dosa, a medium thick coconut chutney, and sambar? Dosa is a star even among people who are not from south India. You can find many varieties of Dosas such as Masala Dosa, Ghee roast, plain Dosa, and a lot more in Kochi. When you next visit Kochi, you can find no better breakfast than our friendly neighborhood Dosa.
  6. Idiyappam is another authentic Kerala recipe one should not miss, in Kochi. Idiyappam is the most versatile dish in Kerala, having an infinite number of combinations. Idiyappam with coconut milk, Idiyappam, and chicken curry, Idiyappam beef roast combination, Idiyappam korma, Idiyappam with sugar, and Idiyappam kadala curry are some of the most celebrated food combinations in Kerala. Idiyappam comes in many flavors also. Plain idiyappam, coconut idiyappam, jackfruit idiyappam, and mango idiyappam are served as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  7. Kochi is not only famous for its seas but also its seafood recipes. Being one of the major coastal areas of Kerala, one can find a variety of fish items or seafood here. Fish Biriyani, Prawns curry and fry, and Karimeen pollichath are some of the major fish recipes in Kochi.
  8. If you are visiting Kerala, you don’t want to miss this tasty dish parotta popularly known as porotta no matter what. Porotta is one of Kerala’s most popular, celebrated, and favorite food every day. The combination of porotta with beef curry is unmatched by any other recipe in Kerala. If you are looking for a local delight, you should go for porotta with beef curry and thank us later. Kochi is not only famous for its local authentic recipes but also is a major in international cuisines. You do not need to miss some international dishes available in Kochi.
  9. Kuzhi Mandi is a popular Arabian dish that become a favorite dish of Keralites in recent years. Rice cooked with chicken or mutton in a sealed pit is becoming a popular recipe in Kochi recently.
  10. Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that has recently become a favorite dish in Kochi. It is available in many forms such as chicken shawarma, and beef shawarma and has been a favorite snack of Kochi.

To satisfy your tummy and taste buds with some delicious spicy Kerala foods in Kochi, come to Tellicherry Kitchen, the ultimate kitchen in Kochi. We provide a wide variety of Kerala cuisines in its authentic way. We welcome you to experience a fine Kerala food experience with a good ambiance at Tellicherry Kitchen.