Best spot for seafood in Kochi

Kerala, God’s own country is even more Godly when it comes to its delicacies. The spicy and tangy flavors of the local food in Kerala can neither be replaced nor replicated. People across the world come to Kerala not only in search of its traditions but also for its food. The historical tales of Kerala cuisines stretch from north to south of Kerala.

Which is that place where every flavor meets with its authenticity?

When it comes to an ultimate food destination, where one can find every variety of local and international food, it’s none other than Kochi.

Kochi, the ultimate food destination and the food capital of Kerala is the favorite place for foodies across Kerala. Kochi, with numerous food spots and multi-cuisine restaurants, is famous for its wide variety of cuisines like Naadan food, Seafood, Indian cuisines, Arabian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and whatnot. Kochi is specifically famous and authentic when it comes to Seafood. Restaurants in Kochi have quick and fresh access to sea products such as fish and crabs as Kochi dominates the sources for sea products. Kochi, being a coastal area, seafood is the most local and celebrated daily go recipe one could find.

Fish Nirvana
BBQ Fish

If you are in search of an authentic seafood restaurant in Kerala, Tellicherry kitchen is the best you can find. Tellicherry kitchen is the best seafood restaurant in Kochi which stand by the identity and legacy of its land. Tellicherry kitchen is the best spot to experience the famous mouth-watering prawn fry, kanthari fish, and kinds of seafood.

Tellicherry kitchen situated in the heart of Kochi, Kathrikadavu is a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. It is one of the celebrity spots in Kochi, as many celebrities prefer this place for having a wonderful dining experience. Tellicherry kitchen is popular and favorite for its spicy cuisines and its overwhelming services, It is also the best place for perfect dining as it has such an amazing ambiance and vibe.

Tellicherry kitchen is one of the best-reviewed restaurants in Kochi. Tellicherry kitchen provides takeaway, dine-in, delivery, and booking services. Tellicherry kitchen also provides the finest outdoor catering facilities and services for your special events. You can enjoy a variety of freshly made delicious dishes at Tellicherry Kitchen.

Avocado Shrimps
Prawns twister

Tellicherry kitchen is the best seafood restaurant in Kochi with four years of experience. Our chefs and service persons are highly skillful and experienced when it comes to serving food. We prepare our delicacies with fresh quality products. Tellicherry kitchen serves the yummiest food at a reasonable price. Apart from seafood, Tellicherry serves delicacies that are proper for each one of its customers. One will not go out of choices as we have many cuisines served with love exclusively for you. We serve delicacies from different countries and get the finest experience of Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Malabar, coastal food and so more from our Kathrikadavu restaurant.

Telliserry kitchen is the best Restaurant in Ernakulam to celebrate authentic Kerala cuisine by delivering an innovative menu that will surprise your senses.

We are proud to see our customers happy and the continuous heartwarming acceptance from our customers makes us the best food partner in Kochi. We provide standard food and services and budget-friendly delicacies for our customers without compromising the quality.