Discovering the best meals in kochi

Kerala, God’s Own Country, is not just famous for its scenic beauty, but also a heaven for food enthusiasts. Steeped in tradition and flavor, the cuisine served at Tellicherry Kitchen exemplifies the richness and complexities of Kerala’s culinary heritage.

1- Sadhya- The Sadhya at Tellicherry is akin to a grand banquet, showcasing a variety of vegetarian meals presented on banana leaves. Everything, from the zesty Avial to the soothing Sambar and the crunchy joys of Banana Chips, adds to a harmonious blend of flavors.

2 Karimeen Pollichatthu- Discover Kerala's coastal riches with the delicious Karimeen Pollichathu, which is pearl spot fish marinated in a mixture of spices, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked to perfection, try it out, it will never disappoint.

3 Appam with stew- indulge in the dreamy combination of soft and lacy appam with spicy stew. The rich- coconut-infused goodness of appam and stew together creates a delish combination.

4 Meen Curry- Tellicherry Kitchen's Meen Curry, a hot and sour fish curry that embodies the essence of Kerala's coastal flavors, is sure to please seafood fans. Enjoy the rich flavors of the fish and pungent spices that characterize this dining marvel.

5 Kerala Parotta- the Kerala Parotta, with its flaky goodness, is a culinary gem that graces the tables of Telicherry Kitchen. Paired with a range of side dishes, this epitomizes Kerala’s culinary expertise.

6 Malabar Biriyani- Malabar Biryani, a meal that skillfully combines aromatic basmati rice, tender meat, and a delectable spice mixture, is one of the best dishes in Tellicherry Kitchen.

7 Payasam- No Kerala Sadhya is complete without Payasam. This Kerala-special dessert, with its creamy combination of rice, milk, and jaggery, ensures a tasty end to our gastronomic tour.

Kerala's cuisine legacy is brought to life in each dish prepared at Tellicherry Kitchen, providing guests with a dining adventure that embodies the passion and soul of the vibrant South Indian state. The restaurant serves everything from coastal delights to traditional Sadya feasts, and it is a tribute to the rich, varied, and savory fabric of Keralan cuisine.