Experiencing the Best Biryani and Seafood in Kochi at Tellicherry Kitchen

Tellicherry Kitchen in Kochi is a famous for the mouthwatering biryanis and seafood. This culinary paradise offers a range of delicious dishes to suit every taste. Let’s have a look at Tellicherry Kitchen ‘s flavorful biriyanis and other delish cuisines.

Beef Biryani in Kochi: Tellicherry Kitchen’s Beef Biryani is the best Beef biryani in Kochi. The aromatic basmati rice and the delectable, juicy beef, cooked in marinated spices, altogether makes it super delicious. It is undoubtedly the best beef biriyani in Kochi and is a must try.

Mutton Biryani in Kochi: For all the mutton biriyani lovers out there, try Tellicherry Kitchen mutton biriyani.The spicy mutton pieces and masala are marinated perfectly with slowly cooked flavourful spices, which will leaves your tounge craving for more. Tellicherry Kitchen's mutton biriyani is the best mutton biriyani in Eranakulam.

Prawns Biryani in Kochi: Tellicherry's delectable Prawn Biryanis that combines savoury spices with juicy prawns is the best prawns biriyani in Kochi,an appetizing dish that is both harmonic and lip smacking.

Fish Curry Meals in Kochi: Tellicherry Kitchen’s Fish Curry Meals are a must-try for seafood aficionados. To ensure the absolute freshness, the seafood is obtained directly from Kochi’s thriving fishing harbours. It is a dish that perfectly demonstrates the rich heritage of coastal Kerala cuisine.

Other than Fish Curry Meals, Tellicherry Kitchen offers a range of seafood options. You can try dishes like Crab Masala, a spicy and flavourful crab dish, or the Meen Pollichathu, where fish is marinated, wrapped in banana leaves, and grilled for a unique and delightful flavour.

Whether you are looking for tasty seafood cuisine or mouthwatering biryani, Tellicherry Kitchen offers you the best dining experience thanks to the meticulous preparation behind each dish. Don’t miss the chance to experience the numerous and exquisite flavours that this restaurant contributes to Kochi’s thriving culinary scene. Visit Tellicherry Kitchen to experience a memorable culinary journey. Beside the Biryanis and Seafood there are a variety of food delights that appeal to the taste buds of the customers.

Kerala Parotta and Chicken Curry: Those who are seeking for the legendary combination of soft, flaky Kerala parotta and spicy chicken curry, the all time favorite combo of Keralites, Tellicherry Kitchen is the best spot. The Kerala Parotta is freshly made and pairs perfectly with their rich and aromatic chicken curry.

Vegetarian Delights: While the restaurant is popular for its seafood and meat dishes, Tellicherry Kitchen caters to vegetarians as well. One can explore an array of delicious vegetarian curries that includes the creamy and flavourful Paneer Butter Masala or the tangy and spicy Vegetable Kurma.

Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings: Tellicherry Kitchen has everything to satisfy your sweet cravings, from traditional Kerala sweet dishes like Payasam, a creamy rice pudding flavoured with cardamom and garnished with nuts. Another popular one is the Banana Fritters which can enthral the taste buds.