The Best business lunch restaurant in Kochi

Restaurants are not only a place that is meant to have food but also the best place to converse also. Some of the best dialogues or ideas happen during lunch, we believe. One can’t compromise having ideas even if it is in the middle of lunch, right?

Imagine, how nice it feels to go for lunch with your bunch somewhere nice. Team lunch is basically a thing nowadays. Kochi is one of the most workaholic places in Kerala, so there will be no shortage in demand for team lunches. But you know, one can’t go to any place to have lunch with a team as team lunch needs some sort of privacy.

Kochi has an excellent reputation for its dining establishments and these establishments are inclusive in terms of any arrangements needed for anyone. If you are looking for restaurants that offer team lunches or business lunch restaurants in Kochi, Tellicherry Kitchen is the best team lunch spot in Kochi. Tellicherry Kitchen is one of the best business lunch restaurants in Kochi. Tellicherry kitchen provides calm and private spots for people, professionals, and groups to have team lunches.

Along with a wide range of delicacies from different countries, Tellicherry kitchen provides fine dining for team lunch customers.

We earned the reputation as the finest restaurant in Kochi by providing quality food to our customers. We provide highly authentic food that appeals to the taste buds in a pocket-friendly way. We offer a variety of unique cuisines including starters, main courses, desserts, snacks, beverages, etc. We are committed to delivering exceptional food experiences in a dignified and serene ambiance.

We provide different categories of food for our customers in Tellicherry kitchen. In our restaurant, one of the most popular and loved categories is the lunch category. The lunch varieties and services are the prime reason for Tellicherry kitchen being one of the best team lunch restaurants in Kochi.

For team lunch, we offer a variety of cuisines such as varieties of Biryani, Different types of Meals, seafood cuisines, Continental dishes, Rice and Noodles, etc. We provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines for team lunches. We have mesmerizing starter dishes, followed by main courses, and to end with some sweet savoring desserts. Our beverages section is also open if you long for some refreshing drinks.

We don’t compromise the quality of our food items at any cost. We use authentic flavors to prepare our recipes.

Tellicherry Kitchen provides exceptional dining experiences providing healthy, quality, and delicious food to the customers. Fresh modern cuisines and beverages are being served by our experienced team in a unique way suitable for team lunches or business lunches. We are committed to providing a captivating culinary journey with a mesmerizing food and dining experience.