Onam Sadhya in 2023: A Gastronomic Celebration at Tellicherry Kitchen, One of Kochi's Finest Restaurants

Onam Sadhya in 2023: A Gastronomic Celebration at Tellicherry Kitchen, One of Kochi's Finest Restaurants

As Onam approaches, food enthusiasts and connoisseurs are eagerly anticipating a culinary extravaganza. In the heart of Kochi lies Tellicherry Kitchen, one of the finest restaurants, a popular culinary haven. With a stellar reputation for serving the freshest and most delicious dishes, Tellicherry Kitchen is the ideal place to embark on a memorable culinary journey as we celebrate the harvest festival of Kerala.

A Culinary Haven

Tellicherry is often known as the "land of great tastes”. Tellicherry Kitchen restaurant carries forward the great legacy of Tellicherry with utmost sincerity. With an aim of providing an unparalleled dining experience, this restaurant has swiftly risen to become one of the finest food destinations in Kochi. Offering a harmonious fusion of traditional Kerala cuisines and culinary delights from around the globe, Tellicherry Kitchen has truly crafted a unique place in the minds of foodies.

A Delectable Onam Sadhya Spread

Tellicherry Kitchen prepares takes its customers on a gastronomic adventure with a lavish Onam Sadhya feast. The exquisite spread will feature an array of unique, mouth-watering and tantalizing dishes. Each dish of the Sadhya is crafted with utmost care, offering a symphony of flavors that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this festive occasion.

Unparalleled Dining Experiences

Tellicherry Kitchen provides exceptional dining experiences for its customers. The ambiance during the festive season is carefully curated to offer a traditional setting that complements the artistry of the dishes. The welcoming environment, coupled with friendly service, ensures that guests feel pampered and appreciated throughout their visit during the festival.

Authenticity Redefined

At Tellicherry Kitchen, authenticity is at the core of every dish that graces your table. The skilled team of chefs presents highly authentic Sadhya dishes that appeal to the discerning taste buds of their patrons. By using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods, the restaurant will capture the essence of Kerala's rich culinary heritage.

Embark on an Intimate Culinary Experience

Onam symbolizes unity, prosperity, and affection. What better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than embarking on an intimate culinary experience at Tellicherry Kitchen restaurant with your loved ones. Relish the finest Sadhya offerings from Tellicherry's rich culinary heritage, presented with love and passion by the talented chefs.

As Onam beckons, Tellicherry Kitchen stands ready to welcome you to a celebration of flavours, and tradition. Be a part of this culinary journey at one of Kochi's finest restaurants, a place where authenticity meets innovation. Visit us and experience the true essence of Onam Sadhya like never before!

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Puli Inji



Mambazha pulisserry



Pickle- Mango








Upperi- sharkkara varatti







Pacha Moru

Special Offer

As a part of Onam celebration, we are offering a special discount for our customers. We offer a 10% discount on Onasadya for all those who are booking in advance (*valid till August 15)

Takeaway: Rs. 499/-

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