Soups are nourishing, fulfilling, and tasty cuisine we can have at breakfast, dinner, or any time. The health benefits of soups are as familiar as an old childhood story for us. But that is not the only reason for soups becoming one of the favorite dishes of many foodies.

The flavor of spices and their aroma is the first best quality of soups that made many falls in love with them. The consistency of the soup and the feel we get when we gulp it through our throat are other fascinating factors many people love about soups.

Having soup means you are going to fill your tummy with some rich ingredients and goodness. Soup on a grey winter day is as nourishing and comforting as tea on a rainy day.

Well, this is not a soup appreciation blog, but we know you are probably thinking of having soup by reading this. It’s officially the Christmas season and many of you may already start to crave something warm and spicy. So, If you are looking for a fancy restaurant to have a tasty, healthy soup, Tellicherry kitchen is all you have to visit. Tellicherry Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Kochi and also the soup specialists offering a variety of mouth-watering, delicious soups for its customers. We provide the best soups in Kochi to help you satisfy your tummy and taste buds.

You can find a wide variety of soups, both veg, and non-veg in Tellicherry kitchen. We provide soups such as Cream of tomato, Cream of mushroom, Cream of veg, Cream of spinach, and cock-e-leeks for our customers. The daily go soups such as Hot and sour veg, veg clear soup, and chicken clear soup can also be seen in our soup Menu. Manchow chicken soup, Manchow veg soup, cream of chicken, and sweet corn soups are the popular special ones available here.

We also have a nadan variety of soups that delivers Kerala’s authentic flavors for people who love spicy soups. Our Nadan soup menu consists of Nadan veg soup, Nadan Chicken soup, Nadan mutton soup, Malabar prawns soups, and much more. We provide international-style soups for our customers also.

The major specialty of Tellicherry kitchen’s soup is its price. All of our soups are available in a pocket-friendly price range.

Our soup specialists and our efficient team does not compromise the quality of our ingredients and ensures the best to offer to our customers. Tellicherry Kitchen provides exceptional dining experiences providing healthy, quality, and delicious food to the customers. The fresh modern cuisine and beverages are being provided by our experienced team in a unique environment with friendly yet un-intrusive service.

The dishes of Tellicherry Kitchen include mouth-watering Biryanis, flavourful nourishing soups, spicy curries, and much more. We will take your taste buds on a captivating culinary journey by providing the best of Tellicherry kitchen cuisine. For a mesmerizing food and dining experience, reach out to our cuisines at Tellicherry Kitchen.

Our Best Soup Specialities

This place serve good tasty food with nice quantity. Parking area available. It's mainly good for who looking for seafood there prawn fried rice is good.

Nabeel Mohammed

Fish barbeques was awesome. Price is a little high but good. Spaghetti was not up to the mark. We had mixed noodles, as always it was tasty. Also, watermelon mojito is a must try item in the menu.

Amit Joshy

They have the best customer service , after every dish they asked us how the food was. Good and neat place with good food. Must try chicken cheriyaullin and Raw mango fish curry

Abel Joseph Ambat

Food was amazing! Porotta was so fluffy and the crab ghee roast was everything I imagined! The only thing I had a problem was with the service It was just me and my dad for dinner and they took forever to take our order and to give us the bill.

Anishya Idicula

Awesome food, varieties that I haven't seen anywhere else in Cochin, huge varieties in seafood and it's the best. A must try place.

Nisamudheen Ali akbar m.a